Impact monitoring of mineral resources exploitation, Ref. Num.: 244166
Impactmin E-treaning
  • PH measurement and acid drainage monitoring
  • WorldView2 and integrated spectroscopic analyses
  • Development of a red-mud index for hyperspectral imagery
  • Integrated use of UAV survey and field observation data
Results & Downloads

ImpactMin project has produced valuable data from various demonstration sites concerning the physical environments surrounded the mining sites. These data documented according to quality assurance guidelines and can be downloaded and viewed. The socio-economic survey and research results are fully downloadable too.

Research & Innovation

ImpactMin project showed that activities related to mining alters environmental parameters (water, air, soil contamination) into different extents and the effects can be traced with novel tools (UAV, WV2 and stand alone, very high resolution HSI) as well that were demonstrated during the project.

ImpactMin and GEO

The Group on Earth Observations is aiming at building the Global Earth Observation System of Systems that is going to be worldwide observational, information and data provision infrastructure based on coordinated efforts concerning Earth Observations and standardized web services.

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