Results and Downloads

WP1 Coordination

WP2 End-user need assessment

Objectives: To assess and understand the gaps and needs of project end-users. This activity is part of the overall project dissemination efforts but the emphasis here is to raise awareness for project activities by directly liaising with stakeholders.

WP3 Socio-economics

Objectives: To create a better understanding for the socio-economic aspects of mining operations based on already identified socio-economic issues (unemployment, low wages, lack of inward investment emigration of the young and skilled, and aging population, poor housing, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of transferable skills, poor education performance, etc) and to assess possibilities for incorporating social and political issues into corporate strategy. The lowest carbon footprint options for the European industry will also be determined.

Participate in an Internet-based survey to assist us in better understanding the socio-economic aspects of mining by following the link below:

WP4 Satellite Remote Sensing

Objectives: Generate a scientific knowledge pool that can be the basis of the development of harmonised methods in the impact monitoring of mining activities. This knowledge pool will be derived from mineral resources exploration methods, EO-based environmental monitoring techniques and by "translating" research results from other fields of science with a possible applicability in ImpactMin.

WP5 Lightweight Aerial Remote Sensing

Objectives: Develop a technical conceptual framework for the use of aerial methods in the monitoring of the environmental impacts of mining and mineral resources exploitation. Addressing the relevant horizontal/transverse tasks and SBAs

WP6 Tools and services

Objectives: Develop, validate and deploy harmonised methods for the assessment and monitoring of environmental impacts from mining operations based on identified stakeholder needs and the knowledge pool generated in WP4 and WP5 taking into account the limitations of satellite, aerial and in-situ measurements.

WP7 Demo site implementation

Objectives: Calibrate and demonstrate the ImpacMin toolset and methods on selected testsites using harmonised methodologies and a comparative research design.

Kristineberg, Sweden
Mostar valley, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Rosia Montana, Romania
Orenburg region, Russia

WP8 Dissemination

Objectives: Dissemination of information about the project, its objectives, the approaches and results through a combination of electronic and traditional methods

WP9 E-Training

Objectives: To deploy a simple but robust and highly cost efficient e-training programme based on the results of ImpactMin. This will bridge the gap between the developed new concepts and the stakeholders, who will need to use them and support the fast take-up of the developed tools. Also specific attention will be paid bear in mind EO and mining industry needs and to target the respective target group, where (which sector: academia, industry etc.) the deployment of the e-learning could have maximum effect.
Please have a look at the E-Training demo course following this link