The training curriculum is developed from the i) scientific literature that was processed during the appraisal of ImpactMin, ii) content of deliverables that were produced during the implementation of the project, iii) multimedia material that were recorded at the meetings (e.g. presentations) and at the demo sites (e.g. field-works, best practices), iv) further electronic material (video footage, simulations converted to flash, public-domain photography and data) related to the management of mineral resources.

Specific features of the training curriculum:
  • optical remote sensing techniques, including hyperspectral imagery (image processing, change detection, risk assessment)
  • unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mapping and monitoring techniques (calibration/validation)
  • geochemical and spectral in-situ data integration and analysis (data correlation)
  • geodata standardization and infrastructure development techniques (applications)
  • social aspects and carbon footprint options and practice in the mining industry
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For general inquiries and other information please contact Mr. Peter Gyuris, ImpactMin Scientific Coordinator: or +36 1 250 6703.